A few years ago, my cat, Cashew, started having a rather strong and bad smell in his mouth. I soon realized that her gums were inflamed and much redder than usual. While looking for a dental product for cats, I came across Animora’s cranberry dental gel. After the first use, the smell in my cat’s mouth disappeared and the inflammation diminished.

Unfortunately, I still had to go to the vet for a scaling and tooth extraction as her tartar build-up was far too high. If I’d used the dental gel beforehand, his visit to the vet could have been avoided. So from now on, never again without gel!

Cashew takes the recommended amount of dental gel every day! Since he doesn’t like having his mouth handled, I simply put him on his food or have him lick dental gel directly from my finger as a treat, it’s so easy! Thank you Animora ❤️


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