Fights Bad Breath and Tartar

Cranberry Dental Gel

Veterinary Health Product

We are pleased to introduce you to our Cranberry Dental Gel! It improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing the building of dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. 

Cranberry dental gel characteristics

Easy Application

Cranberry Dental Gel can be applied in several ways, which makes it ideal for starting a dental care routine with your beloved companion!

We recommend taking a multi-step approach ending with toothbrushing to gradually and positively introduce the dental gel to your pet.

Taking care of your pet's health has never been easier!

Doggos Special Offer

Animal welfare is extremely important for us. So we wanted to offer you a little something to thank you for being so caring with your furry companion. 

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Benefits of Cranberry

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Our History

Animora was founded in 2018 by a young couple passionate about animals and science. Their goal? Improve health and welfare of pets by offering innovative products in animal health.