Animora was founded in 2018 by a passionate animal couple; Andrée-Ann Adam and Jean-Philippe Côté. Their objective? Improve the health and welfare of pets by offering innovative products in animal health.

It all started during Andrée-Ann’s bachelor’s degree in microbiology, more specifically during her internships in a dental research laboratory. She discovers the benefits of natural molecules on oral health. Wanting to use her knowledge for animal health, she begins to develop the first product: a cranberry dental gel. Jean-Philippe contributes greatly to development by bringing his biochemical and pharmaceutical knowledge. They will spend almost a year and several formulations before getting the final product.

Thanks to the generous support of a hundred people during the fundraising campaign, the first product comes to life and begins to be distributed at the end of June 2018. After only a year, the dental gel becomes a must for oral hygiene of many cats and dogs. It’s not just animals that are crazy about the product since Animora wins several entrepreneurial contests in Quebec. All of this is in part thanks to our great clients, ambassadors, and friends who have supported us from the beginning. Thank you to all of you!


Andrée-Ann Adam

She began her studies with a technique in animal health. Subsequently, she completed a degree in microbiology. During her university studies, she became interested in oral microbiology in a research laboratory of the Faculty of Dentistry. With the desire to improve the oral condition of animals, she continues to specialize with a master’s degree in the oral health of dogs and cats.

Jean-Philippe Côté

He began his undergraduate studies in biochemistry and then PhD in pharmacy. Jean-Philippe has always liked to deepen his knowledge and understand biochemical processes, which is why he became involved in the company. He is also interested in the mode of action of molecules in order to improve health.


Trixie is a 7-year-old calico cat. Having lost her mother very young, she was lost in the countryside. Andrée-Ann fell in love with this little tricolor kitten with a black nose who was looking for a safer place. Now Trixie has a place in her family. She has even become the official representative of Animora products and has developed an unconditional love for cranberry dental gel.