Our mission

Helping people take care of their pets by creating innovative products using our scientific expertise

Our roots

Our history

Animora was created by a couple who are passionate about animals: Andrée-Ann Adam and Jean-Philippe Côté.

Andrée-Ann began her studies with a technique in animal health. She went on to graduate studies in microbiology. During her internships in a dental research laboratory during her bachelor’s degree in microbiology, Andrée-Ann discovered the benefits of natural molecules on oral health.

Wanting to use her knowledge for the health of animals, she began to develop the first product that would become Animora’s flagship product: a dental gel with cranberries.

Jean-Philippe contributes significantly to the development of the company by bringing his biochemical and pharmaceutical knowledge. They will spend almost a year and several formulations before obtaining the final product.

Thanks to the generous support of about 100 people during their fundraising campaign, the first product is coming to life and starting to be distributed at the end of June 2018. After only one year, dental gel has become a must-have for the oral hygiene of many cats and dogs. Not only animals love the product, but Animora has won several entrepreneurial contests in Quebec.

All this, in part, thanks to our great customers, ambassadors and friends who have supported us from the beginning. Thanks to all of you!

What guides us

Our values

A passion for animals

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We are all passionate about animals and our focus is on their well-being and health. Passion is also felt in our daily work at Animora.

Scientific research

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Scientific research is at the heart of our product development. We also bring rigor to all our communications.

Commitment to the community

animora don au refuge

Since the beginning of Animora, we have had the pleasure of donating products to various Canadian shelters. Awareness and education are at the heart of our business.

What sets us apart

Our awards

Animora, has been able to distinguish itself and make a place for itself in the animal and entrepreneurial world. Over the years, we have won several awards such as the Osentreprendre Challenge in 2021 in the Doing Business Together category and the Product of the Year 2022 at the Pet Innovation Awards .

Andrée-Ann Adam Jean-Philippe Côté Animora
The enthusiasts behind Animora

The Founders

Andrée-Ann Adam, M.Sc. AHT

CEO and Co-founder

Andrée-Ann began her studies with a technique in animal health. She then completed a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. During her university studies, she became interested in oral microbiology in a research laboratory at the Faculty of Dentistry. With the desire to improve the oral condition of animals, she specialized with a master’s degree in the oral health of dogs and cats.

Jean-Philippe grew up on a dairy farm in Lac-Saint-Jean. He began his university studies with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and then an undergraduate doctorate in pharmacy. Jean-Philippe has always liked to deepen his knowledge and understand biochemical processes, which is why he got involved in the company. He is also interested in the mode of action of molecules in order to improve health.

Jean-Philippe Côté, B.Sc.

CTO and Co-founder
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Our key ingredient

Cranberry: a local powerhouse ingredient

Cranberry is the active ingredient in our products. Many of its properties are beneficial to the oral health of animals.

A Quebec ingredient

The cranberry in our products is a local product. Indeed, this one is harvested in Quebec.

Anti-bacterial effects

The active molecules of the cranberry have antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from clinging to the mouth walls. This prevents the formation of plaque and protects the gums.

Anti-inflammatory effects

The properties of the active molecules of the cranberry help to considerably reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the gums.

Our mentality

Environmental awareness

Whether in the development of our products or in our business decisions, we strive to reduce our environmental impact. Whenever possible, we choose packaging that is more environmentally friendly and locally produced. We have chosen to become a manufacturer for our animal health products in order to have more control over the impact of our production and thus reduce waste as much as possible.

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