Continued Growth for Animora as it Expands into the Canadian Market

Quebec City, April 6, 2021 – Animora, a company in Quebec City that manufactures dental gels for pets, is proud to announce that its products are now distributed in pet stores, specialized shops and veterinary clinics in Ontario and the Maritimes.

Animora: Growing Fast and Making Inroads into Other Parts of Canada

2021 is a year of challenges and growth for Animora. In February, the company launched its new brand image, which focuses on its founders’ scientific values and passion for animals. To better meet its customers’ needs, the products are now available in two sizes: 90 ml and 200 ml. In addition, to accelerate its growth, an agreement was reached with a Canadian distributor which will allow Animora to offer its product range in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

“After a year of logistical challenges with the pandemic, we are excited and very pleased about the response of Quebec consumers to Animora! We would like to thank our customers who use our unique animal health products every day. The interest in buying local has been part of Animora’s success. We’re a local business and our gels contain cranberries grown in the Centre-du-Québec region. To continue growing, we needed to expand to a new market. Exporting our products outside of Quebec was a dream come true for Animora. It’s one more milestone that we’re proud to have reached thanks to the support and trust of our customers,” stated Andrée-Ann Adam, President and Co-founder of Animora.

“By expanding to the wider Canadian market, we expect a twofold increase in annual revenue in a year and a doubling of our team size. If the experience is positive in Ontario and the Maritimes, we hope to be able to distribute our products throughout Canada in 2022. Animora is riding a wave of success. Without our valued customers, our story would be different. Our exceptional growth is due to the high demand for our products,” commented Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President and Co-founder of Animora.

Adopting good oral hygiene habits is the second recommendation made by Canadian veterinarians. In fact, more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats start having dental problems at the age of three. Animora offers a product that pet owners can easily use, so there’s no excuse to skip the dental care routine. Animora’s dental gels for pets are already distributed in pet stores, specialized shops and veterinary clinics throughout Quebec.

About Animora

Animora is a Quebec company whose mission is to improve pet health and well-being. With our scientific expertise, we develop and market animal health products. Taking care of your pet’s oral health has never been easier!

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