Dental hygiene in dogs and cats is important for preventing many oral problems and diseases. A combination of several methods can be advantageous such as the use of food and dental treats, brushing teeth and the use of an active product against bad bacteria such as a dental gel.

Yes! The dental gel is manufactured and developed directly in our offices located in Quebec City. In addition, the tube is manufactured and printed in Quebec.

Active Ingredient: Cranberry Extract 30 mg/ml. Other ingredients: water, vegetable glycerin, cellulose gum, yeast extract, and potassium sorbate.

Our product has been designed to be hypoallergenic so that animals with food allergies or digestive problems can use it.

The duration of the dental gel depends on the frequency of use, the size of the animal and the method of administration. On average, a 120 ml tube of dental gel lasts 48 days for a small dog or cat.

The dental gel is sensitive to heat, it must be kept cool between 4 and 20 ° C. The gel must be refrigerated after opening.

Yes, the dental gel can be used as toothpaste with a toothbrush. The name of gel comes from its texture which is more sticky than a paste. Thus, the contact time between the dental gel and the oral cavity is longer, which promotes the effectiveness of the product.

We recommend for the first time to give the dental gel with a treat that your pet likes. The taste of cranberry is special, it may take some time before it gets used to it.

For animals that don’t like the toothbrush, you can combine the dental gel with a dental bone, dental treat or food.

For a few days, there should be no problem. To know if it is still good, the best is to smell it. When it is no longer good, it has a bad smell that is quite special, very strong and very bad. If the smell is still good, you can put it directly in the fridge and it should be ok. You can check the smell once in a while in the next few days before giving it to make sure.

The dental gel has not been formulated for this function. The concentration of cranberries is lower than a product to prevent urinary tract infections since it acts directly in the oral cavity and does not need to pass through the digestive tract, where it is transformed.

The Food and Drug Regulations were amended on November 17, 2017, to include Animal Health Products (AHPs). Thus any new animal health product must comply with Health Canada regulations. This registration ensures that the product is low risk to the health of your pet.

The list of products notified by Health Canada is available to all.
Cranberry dental gel: NN. G7J8

Delivery times are usually short, but can take up to 10 business days. Since we prioritize the freshness of the dental gel, it is possible that a production is necessary before sending your package.

If you can not find stores near you, you can talk about the product directly at your favorite store or veterinary clinic.

It will be a great pleasure to have our product offered at your place. For shops, you can contact our Anima-go distributor directly. For veterinary clinics, you can order our products directly at the CDMV.