Cranberry Dental Gel Guide

In order to reach the ultimate stage of brushing your pet’s teeth, we recommend that you follow this process. It will help you integrate the dental gel and the toothbrush while keeping your pet comfortable.

First, to get started with Cranberry Dental Gel, you have to understand the importance of going at the animal’s pace. Each one of them will have a different adjustment period and it’s important not to skip steps. If your pet feels discomfort, you can go back one step to better move forward. Remember to be diligent and go gradually.

To get your pet used to dental gel, you can start by giving its favorite treat, a dental toy, or even its food. This allows the animal to make a positive association. The amount of dental gel must be sufficient to be able to spread over the teeth and gums of the animal during chewing. The texture of the dental gel has been optimized to make it more sticky in order to increase the contact time between the product and the animal’s oral walls. This texture therefore makes it possible to give the dental gel in several ways depending on whether the animal is cooperative or not.

To get it used to having someone touch its mouth, you can start by making it lick the dental gel off your finger. This step is simple and easy for less cooperative animals. The product will be redistributed in the mouth of the animal by its saliva and the movements of its tongue. This step works particularly well for cats, thanks to the structures of their tongues resembling small hooks. The next step in the process is to gradually touch your animal’s head and lips, without restricting it. Then, you can touch its teeth and gums with your index finger to prepare it for the next steps. Each stage can take several trials and can take several days or weeks to reach. Once your pet is comfortable, you can integrate the product. The application with the fingers makes it possible to be sure that there is some on all the teeth and the gums. Unlike the abrasive ingredients found in many toothpastes, dental gel does not require brushing to have its effect on bacteria. Active molecules are able to protect teeth and gums simply by touching them.

To get used to the toothbrush, which is the final step in this guide, the pet should be comfortable with all of the previous steps in the process. Brushing its teeth is ideal since there is a mechanical action. It, therefore, remains the best combination with the Cranberry Dental Gel. To start, you can present the toothbrush with the dental gel and simply make your pet lick it. Gradually, you can brush its teeth in small steps, starting with the teeth that are more easily accessible. At this stage of the process, it is relevant to reward the animal with treats during and after care. This makes the experience more pleasant for your pet and makes it easier to repeat. The important thing is to integrate this routine well into the daily care of your animal to obtain better results. To help you further, we have written an article on everything about brushing your pet’s teeth, available on our blog.

You are finally ready to use the Cranberry Dental Gel! Remember that it is possible to alternate administration methods during the week if brushing its teeth is more difficult for you. Perseverance is important in creating new habits like dental care.

Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions and above all, give us news of your progress!

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