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This training will allow you to know more about Animora company and its founders. You will discover the passions that led them to found their own company that develops and manufactures innovative animal health products. Then, to fully understand what is happening in your animal’s oral cavity, Andrée-Ann explains, in a condensed way, what periodontal disease consists of. You will also learn that it is very common in cats and dogs. You will understand what actually happens when your pet is affected by periodontal disease, how to recognize it and ultimately how to prevent it. You will then learn about the features of the famous Cranberry Dental Gel, which will allow you to better understand how it fights bad breath, tartar and dental plaque. You will be introduced to the different modes of administration of the product in order to find the one that best suits your animal. Finally, Animoras’ different dental accessories will be explained to you so that you can use them in concert with the modes of administration to increase the effectiveness of the dental gel.


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