Gel dentaire aux canneberges

Animora tester program

Testing of dental products for pets

Quality is our top priority. We pay particular attention to the research and development of our products. We need your comments and feedback to continually improve our products.

How to participate?

Please complete the form below to register your interest. In the next trial, selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail. Depending on the type of product to be tested, you’ll be asked to answer a questionnaire and take photos or videos.

Thank you for your interest!


Selection of candidates

Participants will be selected according to the type of product to be tested.

Fill in the form below to register your interest. For the next trial, animals matching the profile will be contacted by e-mail.

Following approval, you will receive a detailed e-mail with the steps to follow and the document to complete.

Your parcel has arrived and now it’s time to test! Thank you for helping us to improve our dental products for animals.

Frequently asked questions

Can I participate even if I've never used an Animora product?

Good news, no! You don’t need to be a customer or have used our products before. All you need is a pet dog or cat to test our products.

How do you select candidates?

Depending on the product to be tested, we have different criteria to evaluate, and so different animal profiles are sought. For example, we may be looking for a particular age range, a specific size, certain dental conditions, specific eating or chewing preferences or desired lifestyles.

What are the advantages of participating in the Animora product trial?

  • Early access to new products (free!) before they’re even on the market!
  • Active participation in product development by telling us what YOU think and YOUR ideas for possible improvements.
  • Receive the final version of the product at the official launch.

When will I be contacted for testing?

We will contact the selected candidates when we have the products for testing. There could be 1 to 4 test campaigns per year. This always depends on in-house product development. What’s more, depending on your pet’s profile, you may be contacted for a single trial or several.


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