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Fondateurs Animora startup à surveiller
Press Review

Great Quebec startups to watch

It is with a very inspiring effervescence that the province is seeing the emergence of a number of new companies with strong growth potential, commonly …

Animora actualité Andrée-Ann et Jean-Philippe
Press Review

The pandemic changed their lives

The past year has been a year of great change at Animora. We are fortunate to be able to count on the support of our …

Animora Prix et dinstinctions
Awards & Distinctions

Le Soleil/Radio-Canada Winner

One prize after another this month for Andrée-Ann, our president and co-founder, who was selected as the Le Soleil/Radio-Canada winner for the month of September! …

Animora revue de presse
Press Review

Front Page of L’Appel newspaper

“And why the cranberry? Simply because Andree-Ann found that the molecules in this little fruit had the advantage of preventing bacteria from attaching to oral …

Animora actualités
Press Review

TVA Nouvelles

TVA Nouvelles report of January 16, 2020 on the Economic Mission to France with the Moovjee Quebec movement. Animora will try to enter the French …

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