Awards & Distinctions

Andrée-Ann Adam Animora Fondation J-Armand Bombardier
Awards & Distinctions

Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

One of the J. Armand Bombardier Excellence Grants for the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs was awarded to Andrée-Ann Adam, President of Animora! More specifically, …

Animora Prix et distinctions
Awards & Distinctions

Young Business Innovation Award

Animora won the Young Business Innovation Award at the 30th Innovation Awards Gala of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation in Quebec …

Animora Prix et dinstinctions
Awards & Distinctions

Le Soleil/Radio-Canada Winner

One prize after another this month for Andrée-Ann, our president and co-founder, who was selected as the Le Soleil/Radio-Canada winner for the month of September! …

Animora Prix et distinctions
Awards & Distinctions

Mitac’s Change Agent Entrepreneur Award

Andrée-Ann Adam, co-founder of Animora, is the recipient of the Change Agent Entrepreneur Award. Mitacs recognizes five up-and-coming researchers-turned-entrepreneurs for their groundbreaking innovations that are …

animora prix et distinctions
Awards & Distinctions

The Claude-Lessard Fund invests $50,000 in Animora

The second annual call for projects from the Claude-Lessard Fund materializes with an investment of $50,000 in Animora. The investment of the Claude-Lessard Fund is …

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