Starter Pack - Animora

Starter Kit


Start your companion’s dental care on the right foot!

The Starter Kit includes a Cranberry Dental Gel, a bamboo or double-headed toothbrush, a set of microfiber fingerbrushes and a lick mat. Value pack: 15% discount.

Starter Kit



Starter Kit is ideal for starting or improving your dental care routine with your dog or cat. Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health by fighting bad breath, tartar and dental plaque. The Dental Lick Mat helps clean the tongue and support oral health. The Animora Microfiber fingerbrush helps remove plaque and food debris thanks to the unique texture of the microfiber. Animora toothbrush allows deep and gentle brushing for your pet’s gums.


The Dental lick mat is not a chew toy. Inspect for wear and take away if any pieces become loose or detached. If your dog is a hard chewer, this product may not be suitable. Supervise your animal during use.

*Refrigerate dental gel for long term storage

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