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Breeder Pack


Breeder Pack includes several quantities of Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml, a Double-Headed Toothbrush, and a small flyer.
* Refrigerate after opening

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Breeder Pack

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Breeder Pack is ideal for your starter packs accompanying each puppy or kitten. New owners will be able to start dental care and slowly begin with the toothbrush as soon as possible. Each puppy or kitten will receive a Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml, a Double-Headed Toothbrush (if selected) and a flyer. Order 1 month before their leaving to prepare your starter packs in advance (don’t order too early to offer a fresh product).

You get 20% discount (minimum purchase of 6)


6 Dental Gels, 7 Dental Gels, 8 Dental Gels, 9 Dental Gels, 10 Dental Gels, 11 Gels dentaires, 12 Gels dentaires


None, Double-Headed Toothbrush