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Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing tartar build-up and fighting bad breath.🐶🐱

🦷 Good taste and easy to use
🦷 The active molecules in cranberries have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
🦷 Made in Quebec with Quebec cranberries and Quebec tubes made from 50% recycled plastic

🦷 Veterinarian recommended and scientifically proven

Animora is a family owned and operated company with 950 locations across Canada including over 200 veterinary clinics! Their mission is to improve the health and welfare of animals. Using their scientific skills, they develop and market innovative animal health products.🐾

For more information, you can visit their website: https: //animora.ca/

Ensemble dentaire animaux

Animora, a wonderful company from Quebec! ❤

Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by fighting bad breath and plaque build-up. 🦷

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, the cranberry has the particularity of preventing the adhesion of bacteria on the surface of the tooth thus preventing dental plaque which causes oral problems! Moreover, its taste is very appreciated by the animals!

This dental gel allows a multiple approach to dental hygiene. You can apply it on food, on a dental toy, on your finger and eventually use it on a toothbrush! 😻🐶👌🏼

Visit https://animora.ca/ for more information! ❤

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Why did Animora choose cranberry as the active ingredient for Cranberry Dental Gel? Many studies have shown the benefits of this small fruit on general health, but also on dental health! 🦷

Here are the 3 main benefits of cranberry's active molecules on oral health:

1️⃣ Their anti-adhesive properties prevent bacteria from clinging to the teeth and gums. This prevents the accumulation of dental plaque and protects the gums from invasion and destruction by bad bacteria

2️⃣ They modulate inflammation by reducing it, which prevents damage and reduces pain in the gums.

3️⃣ They prevent several mechanisms of attack of the bad bacteria by decreasing the expression of their genes and by interfering in their modes of action.

We recommend daily use of Cranberry Dental Gel to prevent plaque buildup and avoid several problems that could have negative consequences on your pet's health.

To read more about the benefits of cranberries: https://animora.ca/en/what-are-the-benefits-of-cranberry/

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Did you know that there are approximately 100,000,000,000 bacteria per gram of dental plaque? 🤯 After 24-48 hours, plaque mineralizes and forms what is commonly known as tartar. Plaque and tartar buildup irritate the gums and cause inflammation, which is very painful for the pet. Having good dental hygiene habits can reduce the cost of scaling and reduce bad breath. Prevention is the key 😉

To learn more, you can visit: https://animora.ca/en/the-importance-of-dental-hygiene/

chat dentifrice sur nouriture

Is putting Cranberry Dental Gel on food as effective?

Its use with a toothbrush remains the most effective method. When you brush your teeth, there is a mechanical action that works in conjunction with the effect of the dental gel.

However, the texture of the product has been improved so that it sticks better to the animals' teeth and gums! 🦷

When the dental gel is put on the food and the animals chew it, the product will stick to their oral walls and be effective. There is no abrasive mode of action, unlike other toothpastes on the market. This means that brushing is not necessary to get all the benefits of Cranberry Dental Gel! 🐾

For more information, visit: https://animora.ca/en/cranberry-dental-gel-guide/

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