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Scientifically proven oral health products

Fight tartar and bad breath!


Our Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by fighting bad breath, tartar and plaque. It helps maintain healthy teeth and gums

3 simple modes of administration
Microfiber fingerbrush
Bamboo toothbrushes

Dre. Éliane Marquis


Approved by veterinarians

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Cranberry Dental Gel

2 formulas, 2 formats

The toothbrush


The licking mat

Textured to perfection

Andrée-Ann Adam

CEO and Co-founder

Animora, the story of two scientists passionate about animals

Animora is the union of two people passionate about the well-being of animals; Andrée-Ann and Jean Philippe.

Together, they created Cranberry Dental Gel, a unique product for the oral health of dogs and cats.

Today, Animora products can be found in more than 900 points of sale, including nearly 200 veterinary clinics. They have become a must for the dental health of animals.

Thousands of satisfied customers!

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Taking care of your pet’s oral health has never been easier!

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Eldrew Godin

Animal Health Advisor

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