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Includes 2 dental gels and a toothbrush

Cranberry dental gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing bad breath and dental plaque buildup.

Natural | Hypoallergenic | Formulated by professionals


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I would definitely recommend this dental gel for your pet. Natural product, made in Quebec and adored by my cats and my dogs. This product allowed Boris, my Devon Rex cat who had a small gingivitis problem, to regain dental health after a few months of use.

I love it!! Marcus does a lot of tartar and brushing with the other toothpaste didn't change anything and it's hard to brush his teeth. So I decided to try your product and miraculously after only 2 weeks of brushing with Animora, half of the tartar is gone ! I should have taken a picture of the before to show since there is so much difference.

Moe is in love with Animora cranberry dental gel, he runs after us as soon as he sees the tube it's great!! Thank you very much for this great invention, this product makes all the difference for the oral health of our loved-ones!!!